Art or Science: Data in the Wine Value Chain

My capstone project for the Executive MBA program (May 2018!) was to study the impact of data in the value chain of the wine industry. The team traveled to Italy which is the largest exporter of wine to study the industry. This project served as a perfect end to the program it helped us bring together the various aspects of the subjects we had studied over a two year period.

As we studied the industry, we performed a simple SWOT analysis to focus our efforts. After having studied the industry, we realized that data was not used very extensively in Italy especially on the consumer end of the value chain. This early analysis led us to pivot from big data in the wine industry to analyzing the potential of data usage in the industry. This was a hugely successful projects because not only did we truly implement a detailed industry analysis but we also came out of this experience with multiple possibilities for adding value in this industry.

My teammates and I worked as one cohesive unit and used principles from various Organizational design courses that we had taken. I served as the Data Expert throughout the project. In my capacity, I interviewed multiple startups that are trying to break into the wine industry. This was an amazing learning experience as it helped us gain insights on how startups work within this particular industry to prove and capture their value. We also interviewed 10 industry experts and visited 7 wineries in Italy. This proved how essential market research and analysis is to any project.

In addition to being the data expert on the team, I also served as the Creative Director for our final capstone presentation. I worked with each and every member of the team to ensure that each of their contributions were presented in the best possible manner.